Lightning FastKey-Value Storage is a lightning fast key-value store designed specifically for developers.

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Here’s Why You Need Remr

Managing Redis, or other high-performance systems is expensive, time-consuming, and hard work. Remr solves this problem by providing ultra-fast key-value storage as a service over a REST API.

We created Remr to solve our own problems: how can you store small objects without running a database or caching server? With Remr, you can store as much or as little as you like. It's perfect for storing your key-value objects such as environment variables, statistics, or centralized configurations.

A Simple Solution to Our Real-World Problem

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We needed a fast, reliable way to store small amounts of data for our micro-services. We were using a whole Redis cluster to store tiny amounts of data - total overkill. That's when was born; a fast and easy persistent store for key-value data.

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Fast. Really Fast

We average sub-50 millisecond response times. No matter how much data you request, we want you to get it as fast as possible.

Easy to Use

Our API is super simple and we provide a range of code samples and snippets to get you up and running in record time.

Made with Love

Built by developers who use our own platform every day. We want you to love Remr as much as we do.

Limitless storage

Store as many key-values as you like, our free tier makes getting started super simple.

More Information

All the good stuff.

It All Starts by Choosing the Right Tools

When you want to store key-value data in record time you need Remr. Sign up now and store your first key under a minute (we promise).

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Our Pricing

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For getting started

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  • Access to read / write endpoints
  • One API key
  • 1000 requests per month
  • Keys never expire


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  • Free tier +
  • Access to more endpoints
  • 5000 requests per month
  • Email support


Coming soon

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  • Developer tier +
  • Multiple API keys
  • 50k+ requests per month
  • Access to multi-region endpoints

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our service?

Remote Redis. A contraction of these two words led us to this brand new word.
Yes. We work with applications of all sizes, ranging from 1-10 keys to many thousands.
Take a look at our documentation and status page. Drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.
We've got big plans for Remr. We're working on our premium tiers and new geographical regions right now.
We love chatting to our users so why not reach out and we can chat about your requirements.
Our free plan allows 100 requests per month with paid plans for any project size. Rate limits are set at one request per second.
We limit each key to 64KB. There is no limit on the number of keys in any tier.
You can store as many keys as you need.
Very reliable. We use highly available infrastructure to ensure you get the best service. Subscribe to our status page for live information.
We aim for sub 50ms response times for same-country requests.
Yes - we can set up a deployment in over twenty regions, and close to 100 availability zones. email for details.
Right now all data is stored in the UK but we are planning to add more regions soon.

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